HerSwab is a self-sampling device and mailer box that enables women to collect their own samples for molecular diagnostics testing. The device was specially designed with and for women to easily and reliably collect consistent samples from near the cervix area. HerSwab is currently validated for HPV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing.

Are you a researcher or healthcare administrator?

dotted line is an at-home HPV and STI screening service for women. A self-sampling kit can be ordered online and shipped to any location within Canada. Samples collected using the HerSwab device are shipped back and processed at an accredited lab. Licensed physicians are available to follow up on positive results.

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Easy and intuitive to use, HerSwab enables women to collect their own sample without pain or difficulty.



Increasing access to screening is key to preventing diseases caused by sexually transmitted infections.


Sample Quality

Using HerSwab ensures women collect a high-quality sample for molecular diagnostic testing.

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