Eve Medical Launches Canada’s First HPV At Home Screening Service

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Eve Medical Launches Canada’s First HPV At Home Screening Service
Eve Kit aims to disrupt the medical screening industry

Toronto, ON (March 13, 2017) – Eve Medical announced the launch of Canada’s first HPV at home screening service, available at evekit.com. Eve Kit makes screening accessible to women across Canada, empowering them to stay on top of their sexual health in the comfort of their own homes.

Four Canadian women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day, which is treatable and preventable with early detection. “One third of Canadian women are not screening regularly,” said Eve Medical CEO, Jessica Ching. “Common barriers include distance, discomfort, or a lack of time. Eve Kit enables women to overcome these barriers by allowing safe, reliable screening without a trip to the doctor’s office.”

A More Accessible Health Experience

Enhancing the patient experience is a key component to increasing screening rates in Canada. That is why Eve Medical spent six years refining the design and delivery of Eve Kit.

Using Eve Kit is easy – the HPV at home screening kit can be purchased online at evekit.com. The ergonomically designed, tampon-like device collects a viable sample, then is placed back in a box and is shipped off to an accredited lab. Within one week, results are available online through a secure portal.

Safe and Reliable

Eve Kit has gone through extensive testing to ensure that it collects high-quality samples. A Health Canada approved medical device, Eve Kit is a safe and reliable alternative to in-clinic sampling for women who are avoiding or delaying necessary cervical screenings.

Availability and Pricing

Eve Kit is available for purchase at evekit.com. The at home HPV screening kit retails for $110.00 CDN. The purchase price includes shipping both ways, the sampling device, and the lab test and results service.

About Eve Medical

Eve Medical is a for-profit social enterprise founded by Jessica Ching and Evan Moses in 2010 with a simple idea to extend women’s health screening beyond the clinic into the privacy and convenience of women’s homes. Motivated by the 500,000 cases of cervical cancer and 23 million cases of infertility that occur worldwide each year, they developed Eve Kit, Canada’s first at-home HPV and STI screening service. Eve Medical is an ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer and Eve Kit is Health Canada approved. For more information, please visit eve-medical.com.

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Marketing Lead
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